Irfan Gusani CEO/Founder

About us

Beyron Audio is a music software company. The company is mainly focused on creating and developing leading virtual synthesizers for professional musicians.


Irfan Gusani is the founder and Managing Director of Beyron Audio.

Irfan started as a music producer in 2007 and had a passion for great sound.

He was also interested in sound design, engineering, mixing and mastering.

In 2014 Irfan found a group of talented people and decided to create

the next BIG thing. Project Scorpion was born. A script with full potential,

Ultra high quality & diverse possibilities.

Later that year the project was renamed as Altron.

Our first music software was created & designed 

from an artists & producers

point of view.



Our goal

Our goal is to push the limits, design groundbreaking concepts & create the next generation of virtual studio technology

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