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About us

Beyron Audio

Imagination & Creativity

© Beyron Audio

Who are we?

Beyron Audio is a music software company, with an expertise in virtual sample-based synthesizers. We specialize in producing exceptional sounds, user-friendly interfaces and new technologies for modern synthesizers.  
Pristine sound design is one of the main priorities at Beyron. Each instrument is fine-tuned to perfection, making them ready for use in professional music production. We give our users the opportunity to concentrate on their creativity, without spending too much time on technical hurdles. 

Our goal

We aim to create the next generation of virtual synthesizers by designing and implementing groundbreaking concepts. This will result in a new wave of music producers who are able to swiftly access their creativity and produce astounding tracks. 



Beyron Audio was established in 2016 by Finnish music producer Irfan Gusani.

He started his music career at a young age with singing, music production and sound design. Gusani achieved his Bachelor's in music and later the corresponding Master’s degree. After graduating he gained experience by working as an audio engineer and music producer in major record labels such as Universal Music Group (UMG) & Sony Music Finland. A few years later Gusani realized that the process of music production could be enhanced. That is when he started to develop a unique script that utilized new technology with diverse possibilities. Project Scorpio was born:

a program with limitless potential and an innovative approach to developing musical ideas. Subsequently, Gusani developed the technology into a virtual synthesizer consisting of unprecedented sounds. The synthesizer was then named Altron and Beyron Audio was born. 


Irfan Gusani is the CEO of Beyron Audio and serves on its board of directors. Irfan is also 

the main developer when it comes to designing, engineering, and creating the product from start to finish.

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Irfan Gusani

Ismo Kauppinen is Beyron's chairman of the board, reporting to CEO Irfan Gusani. 

Ismo provides leadership to the firm's officers, executives, and ensures that the firm's duties to shareholders are being fulfilled.

Ismo Kauppinen

Chairman of the board

Distribution Manager

Marko Kumpula is Beyron's retail distribution manager, reporting to CEO Irfan Gusani.

Marko is responsible for virtual product delivery and product retail worldwide.

Marko Kumpula

Product Controller

Sami Gusani

Sami Gusani is Beyron's product controller

reporting to CEO Irfan Gusani.

Sami also does product inspections 

and sound quality control.

Made in Scandinavia

Beyron Audio is based

in Finland, Turku.

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