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​Active sound engine for
prodigious quality

​Digital technology embedded
into a powerful synthesizer

World’s first Smart sequencer


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When imagination & creativity comes to life, they come with Altron.

Altron is a professional sample based synthesizer made

by Beyron Audio from a producers & artist's point of view.

Altron comes with more than a 1000 ready sounds and new features

such as the Smart sequencer, Altron FX and Q&T engine.

Altron offers unprecedented sounds for all types of music production.

Every preset is designed and crafted with the producer in mind

which results in less tweaking and more producing.


Altron also comes with smart presets, such as Arranger drums Harmony instruments, and Smart sequencer arranger, which will

get your production inspiration fired up in no time.

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Quality and technology

The beast behind

the sound quality

Altron 's Q&T engine delivers hyper sound quality for beautiful results.

Additionally, it automatically fine-tunes every instrument to sound its best.
Thanks to Beyron's Q&T engine which is

processed in detail for every preset.

Enjoy superior sound

in your production.

The Q&T engine uses an equalizer, compressor, and a limiter to provide

a crisp sound.

Q&T engine

Every instrument has been refined,

perfected, and integrated into Altron.

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Creativity blocker breaker

World's first

Smart sequencer

With six sequencers running at the same time, you can create 

a whole band at your fingertips.

The Smart sequencer presets offer rhythmic melodies that can be manipulated by choice.

Switch keys and Smart sequencer generate chords

that compliment each other. 

The results are spectacular

You can open 64 different smart sequencers and allow each one
to play different instruments that are 100% customizable.


Design amazing drum

loops with limitless



Create a whole band with different instruments

and effects.


Combine drums,

instruments, effects, and play them together.

Listen to a few demos


All you hear is played by holding one note.


Native Kontrol Standard


Browse better and faster

Hear instant audio previews

as you scroll through patches.

An intuitive and comfortable workflow that makes it easy to bring your sound to life. NKS gives you streamlined browsing, consistent tagging, instant sound previews,

pre-mapped parameters, Smart Play features, and more.

Altron works wi